• "Ravi Kumar’s melodrama has many highs and lows with a touchy plot" **** (4 Stars)

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    - Bollywood Country

  • "BHOPAL A PRAYER FOR RAIN A True Representation Of Important Chapter OfHuman History" ***.5 (3.5 Stars)

    - Box Office Capsule

  • "This film is a must watch if you wish to know the plight of Bhopal residents, who are still fighting for justice. " *** (3 Stars)

    - KoiMoi

  • "A Truly moving Film. It takes you to Bhopal for 90 minutes. Watch it & recommend it further!"

    - Komal Nahata

  • "A very emotional journey, finally we see how Union Carbide poisoned our past. must watch ! A thorough eye-opener." **** (4 Stars)

    - jeeturaaj

  • "This is a story that needed to be told." ***.5 (3.5 Stars)

    - Rohit Khilnani - India Today

  • "Disturbing, Timely & Hard Hitting. Not to be missed." **** (4 Stars)

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  • "Outstanding! A Must See Film! "

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  • "Kumar Vividly Recreates the Bhopal disaster."

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  • "Kal Penn is impressive!"

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  • "Excellent!"

    - Kam Williams, BARET NEWS SYNDICATE

  • "Better than Slumdog Millionaire & 12 years a slave"

    - Naomi Canton, Asia House

  • "A story that needed to be told"

    - Liza Forman, Financial Times, London

  • "Outstanding, A must see Film!"

    - Gurinder Chadha, Director

  • "****.5 (4.5 stars) "

    - Audience Rating, Rotten

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  • "A dramatic and revealing film"

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    - Devansh Patel / Bollywood Hungama / London's Observer series, Gazette series newspapers

  • "Magnificent"

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  • "Better than Slumdog Millionare and 12 Years a Slave… !”"

    - Naomi Canton, Asia House

  • "Keeps the audience gripped onto their seats. One could hear gasps in the audience."


  • "Powerful tale of one of a great forgotten tragedy."

    - Kaleem Aftab, The Independent

  • "Just finished watching @APrayerForRain and I've never cried more, what a brilliant film - must watch! @GurinderC loved it too"

    - Shrimoyee (@shrimoyeec) via Twitter

  • "A Prayer For Rain is a compelling Indian drama that retells the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984. Starring Martin Sheen, Mischa Barton and Kal Penn, the film wowed audiences at the Pan Asia Film Festival"

    - Aisha Farooq, Desi Blitz

  • "A Prayer for Bhopal" is both a beautiful cinematic journey into the heart of India and a telling tale about corruption and corporate greed in which the poorest of people are made to pay the highest price, in this case losing their lives in the name of turning a higher profit."
    As the film shows, an entire city was decimated following the wrongdoings of an American corporation, Union Carbide, which per the filmmakers, paid only $300 per corpse for the estimated 10,000 people that died that night in Bhopal after an accident following mismanagement at their Indian plant.
    This was a story that needed to be told and may even help the plight of those people seeking justice in court still today after the Indian government turned a blind eye.”

    - Liza Forman, Financial Times, London

  • "... I was totally shaken. Almost in tears. How could that have happened and I never even knew about it!"

    - Maggie Lee, The Variety, Hong Kong

  • "Though Bhopal is quite far from Japan, we can have a deep sympathy for the characters. It reminds us the Fukushima nuclear disaster. I hope it will be a story for generations all over the world. The director, Mr. Ravi Kumar is a pediatrician, and he casts adoring eyes to children (future generations) through the camera
    It is said that Martin Sheen accepted the offer for the film within 24 hours. He was absolutely right."

    - Mika Tanaka (Freelance Journalist, Japan)

  • "The leading man is Rajpal Yadav who plays protagonist Dilip, a poor man who believes his luck has finally turned around when he gets a job at Union Carbide. His acting is brilliant, and the joy he shows when he gets a promotion at the factory is palpable and heartbreaking at the same time. Kumar establishes the setup for the film by showing the day to day life of Dilip and his family, during which you witness the beauty of India along with the struggle of the lower class and the corruption of industry. The strongest part of the film is by far the climactic disaster finale where the factory fails and the poisonous gas erupts into the city. The dichotomy of the colourful, joyous wedding of Dilip’s sister and the oncoming gas cloud along with the terror it brings is incredibly powerful, and the soundtrack adds an overwhelming sense of doom to the scene.
    The film is certainly successful in its endeavours, painting a horrific and disturbing picture of an event forgotten by many, and altogether unknown by most people born after that time. Kumar’s portrayal of the events is by no means exaggerated; the director was careful to maintain credibility in order to get the message across. A PRAYER FOR RAIN is harrowing and gut-wrenching, and Kumar makes no attempt at softening the sheer horror of what these people went through. As a result, this film serves as a powerful historical record of this terrible disaster and a reminder of what can go wrong when you combine dangerous chemicals with corporate greed, shot in such a strong and beautiful way that renders this film a MUST-SEE "

    - Nat Olive for SHATTERJAPAN

  • "Bhopal, A Prayer for Rain - A big hit at Tokyo Film Festival."

    - MKumud Merani, SBS Radio, Australia

  • "Being medically and technically accurate without ever losing the pace of a moving and emotional drama, with powerful cinematography by Charlie Wuppermann and scores by Benjamin Wallfisch, ‘A Prayer For Rain’ will leave you haunted even after the movie ends. Not only it explores the disastrous event and the lives around with astonishing details, the human interactions also comes with deep and heartful emotions that will touch everyone's hearts. It may have big names with each great acts, but the one who really shines portraying his part with coherent intensity is Rajpal Yadav as DIlip Kumar. A great debut from Ravi Kumar, and it’s lucky we got to see the unreleased cut of the movie in this festival. Kumar also asked the audience to give their votes for the ending scenes that was still in debate with some distributors. And more interesting thing, Sting and Ravi Shankar’s daughter, Anushka Shankar have recorded the theme song which will appear in the final theatrical cut."

    - - Daniel Irawan,Journalist, Indonesia

  • "I myself am a victim of the gas tragedy and recommend everyone to watch this powerful and true story."

    - Manju Mittal (Bhopal survivor),, Journalist, The Indian Down Under, Australia


In 1945 Union Carbide Corporation helped build the atomic bomb. In 1984 they built a time-bomb...

Starring Martin Sheen, Mischa Barton, Kal Penn and a powerful ensemble cast, "Bhopal A Prayer For Rain" is an epic, 'whodunnit' that exposes the shocking events that led to the biggest man made industrial disaster in history, in which as many as 10,000 people were killed in one night and for those that did survive, the tragedy had just begun.

Dilip, a rickshaw driver in Bhopal, India, lands himself a job at the Union Carbide plant. It is a chance to prove his worth to his family and pull them out of poverty. The job is tough with long hours; everyone is desperate to hold on to their pay cheque and so Dilip keeps quiet when he notices managers at the plant ignoring safety standards.

Dilip's long time friend, Motwani, a tabloid journalist knows that Bhopal residents complain of the constant stench in the air and wake up at night choking from the gas. He is on a mission to expose what he believes is a deadly time bomb ticking away in his home town. He feels as if no one will listen but when he meets feisty American journalist, Eva, he sees a ray of hope and persuades her to confront Carbide executive Warren Anderson.

As Eva and Motwani endeavour to delve deeper into Carbide's activities, Dilip is using every resource necessary to pay and plan for his sister's wedding. When the wedding night arrives the family are full of joy and celebration as two families join together as one. But as the music plays an invisible catastrophe is working its way throughout the town and wedding party. One by one the guests start to feel unwell the largest tower at the Carbide plant spews poisonous gas into the night air; one by one they collapse; and one by one they unknowingly become a statistic in the world's largest chemical disaster to date.

Nearly thirty years later as the plant stands as a ghost-like constant reminder, the water in Bhopal is still contaminated and one person a day dies as a direct result of the tragedy, Eva visits the now retired Anderson. Will he finally bow down and apologise? Or will he continue to deny that Carbide had any part to play...?

A disaster that set a deadly precedent for multinational corporate activity in the developing world and revealed a poisonous corruption at the heart of India, the world's largest democracy - this is a story that demands to be seen.

Technical Specifications

Runtime 1 hr 36 min (96 min)
Sound Mix Dolby Digital
Color Color
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
Negative Format 35 mm
Printed Film Format 35 mm